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Gender Pay Gap

Auto-Sleepers Investments presents its’ report for staff employed as at 5 April 2023.

Auto-Sleepers Investments operates in the automotive sector both at the manufacturing and retail level. Our business operates for seven days per week. In common with other businesses within our sector it is dominated by male employees. Having a greater awareness of the Gender information enables us to take a holistic view of our Group and we continue to monitor our gender pay gap, focusing on ways to attract, retain and develop our diverse workforce.

The Board is committed to address the issue of gender imbalance and attract more women to join the business.

ASI - Gender split

2023 Male:Female Ratio  
Male 84%
Female 16%


2022 Male:Female Ratio  
Male 85%
Female 15%



Gender Pay Gap 2023 2022
Mean Difference 15.2% 8.7%
Median Difference 12.1% 3.4%


Gender Bonus Gap 2023 2022
Mean Difference 6.7% 37%
Median Difference -105% 26.1%


Percentage of staff who receive bonus & commissions 2023 2022
Male 46% 46.9%
Female 42.9% 25.7%



Employees by pay quartile

Employess by Pay Quartile 2023 2023 Female 2023 Male
Lower Quartile 26% 74%
Lower Middle Quartile 16% 84%
Upper Middle Quartile 9% 91%
Upper Quartile 15% 85%


Employess by Pay Quartile 2022 2022 Female 2022 Male
Lower Quartile 13% 87%
Lower Middle Quartile 19% 81%
Upper Middle Quartile 12% 88%
Upper Quartile 15% 85%


The Board is confident that where roles are identical within the business staff are paid equal rates of pay irrespective of gender.

G Scott

Chief Executive Officer